Step-by-step Instructions for Stained Glass

Copper foiled stained glass is an extremely versatile type of construction to make stained glass. Sections can be created with very intricate designs and detail. The options are nearly endless. Additionally to stained glass sections, other available choices include boxes, mirrors, fire place screens, mirrors, doorways, sidelights, transoms, cabinet card inserts and sun soldiers simply to title a couple of.

Stained Glass


Prior to first stained glass project, here are a few essential tools and supplies you’ll need.

Steps to make Stained Glass

1. Choose a project This really is only restricted to your imagination

2. Choose or create a pattern  Ready to use designs are available in books, magazines and on the web

3.Attach zinc frame – This gives stability for your stained glass piece. Appraise the height and width, then cut the zinc to suit your piece. Solder the corners, then solder adjacent solder seams towards the zinc frame

4. Remove flux residue use commercial flux remover or a mix of dish cleaning soap and sodium bicarbonate

5. Apply patina – Patina can be used to attract focus towards the glass and style as opposed to the solder seams

6. Neat and polish – This last step can give any project the shine and brilliance you’re searching for

7. Choose glass The options are nearly endless. Take a look at the local stained glass store to see their selection

8. Make paper templates and trace pattern pieces to the glass

9. Make use of a glass cutter to attain the glass to suit the pattern pieces – Contain the cutter while you would a pen or pencil. Don’t press way too hard, this makes a poor break. You need to hear a gentle itching seem while you score the glass.

10. Apply flux to foiled pieces and solder seams – This task will require some time and practice. Dont quit. As time passes and exercise you’ll attain the solder seams you would like.

Following these steps provides you with magnificent stained glass masterpieces which you’ll appreciate. Be sure to put your glass work before light sources that will greatly boost the brilliance of the work.

Simple light sources may include a window, an easy box or any other possible causes of light. This light clearly could be natural or from bulbs.

Soon, you’ll uncover how you can better perform the steps involved with making stained glass. You will see a period when you take a step back and check out your creation and understand that no whereby the whole world, can there be another creation, such as the one you simply created. I guarantee this can spur you onto the next one.


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